March 4, 2013

27 Days for LUNAFLY in MALAYSIA!



They caught my attention with their good voice, great instruments skills, and also GOOD LOOKS(super bonus there.. LOL) and now the boys will be heading over to Malaysia for a showcase!!!

Presented by Inspire.Me, LUNAFLY will be the next F.Y.I ON STAGE for their Favourite Youtube Icon show!

LUNAFLY will fly off to Jakarta first on 28th March and then they will head down to Kuala Lumpur on 29th March for Meet & Greet and also showcase on 30th March.

I was so excited and managed to secure my premium pass soon they announced it on their site! LOL!

Got my pass on Saturday and now is the waiting and counting down the days! hehehe! Excited!

I heard that the Premium Pass for this show has already sold out! Grab the VIP pass while it lasts! 

Here's check out their FB site for details! ^^

Good Luck guys! Till then!... =) 

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