February 8, 2013

As you're getting older...

It's already February! How times flies! Tak lama lagi dah nak masuk CNY! Woohoootsss! Gong Xi Fa Chai! ^^

So the other day, our business partner came into the office and bring the God of Prosperity "Choi San Ye" to give some blessings lebih kurang mcm tu la. The choi san ye was very leng chai.. lmao!~

Then, they had this lucky dip thingy when you pick one envelope and see what you won, so I took one and I won this...

The Lennox Firm Up+ Plus Bright collagen drink!

I always wanted to try and buy this. You know, dekat farmasi semua berlumba-lumba jual bende ni. Most of the pharmacy that I saw selling this 2 big size (with small bottles inside) total of RM267 lebih kurang gitu.

So for the past 2 nights, I dah start minum. As per the instruction given, for first timer, drink 1 bottle every night for 10 days. Then lepas sepuluh hari tu, dah boleh start minum dalam 2-3 bottles per week. Depends macam mana kita nak bahagikan timing dia.

Since fruits was the main ingredients, I often go to washroom. Detox-ing maybe.. LOL! I feel quite energetic jugak la since I started this, takde la rasa macam lesu and mengantuk sangat. And selera makan maybe kurang sikit... (sikit je la kurangnya... hahaha!)

 Let's see how's the outcome. I will try to update lepas 10 malam yea...

I'm aging already, umur dah meningkat silver year. So kene la jaga sikit kesihatan & kecantikan dalaman dan luaran.. (cewaaahhh!)

Till then... =)

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