December 3, 2012

Awesome December!

1st December started off very well!!!

I had a great time at 2AM "The Way of Love" Concert in KL! 

Held in PGRM, the concert started off around 8-ish at night. They showed a different side of them by singing numbers of their famous song, performed a local song entitled "Bila Terasa Rindu", original sang by AF5's Dafi, great singing and dancing, and awesome solo performances!

I can't say exactly how it goes as I was hyped up all night during the concert, and I stayed till the end of the night. 

It was fulfilling and I hope that everyone who went to the concert enjoyed your night too! 

Here's a part of the fancam on 2AM sang "Bila Terasa Rindu" on their concert in KL.

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